A quiet evening in. The summer sun fading in that golden period of twilight that presages the dusk.

I have been reading quietly.

You are kneeling, naked of course and hands clasped behind your head, as I idly drape my feet across your back. A perfect footstool. I can see that your cock is hard and your balls are nice and high and full, the skin taut across those delicate eggs.

I read aloud, my voice soft and calm. Today we are learning about the early Roman Emperors. I am particularly intrigued by Augustus’ wife Livia Drusilla. A powerful woman indeed in an age of men. I pause to explore these thoughts with you. You say nothing of course. This is my time.

I mark my place and put down the book beside me. I can sense you thinking. What next? I am wearing a long loose dress and high heels and my bare skin rubs a little with a whisper as I lean forward, removing my feet from your back and placing them apart, at shoulder width and sitting up.

“Under you go” I purr.

My pussy is wet, freshly waxed and the lips plump with arousal. You adjust your position and come under my skirt as I stand, your head enveloped in the loose layers of cotton. I can sense you inhaling the scent of my arousal.

I take up the riding crop and tap your bottom with it. Your best efforts are required and you know the price of failure. I cropped you just the other day. A fairly minor infraction but it’s important to keep you on your toes. Men can tend to laziness if allowed to.

You kiss and nibble along my thighs, rising slowly towards my pussy, taking time to find the prize. I sigh and clasp the back of your head through the cloth as your mouth makes contact with my cunt. I put back my head and close my eyes as you begin to lick along the slit from front to back, each long stroke of your flattened tongue activating me just a little more. You flick the point of your tongue along each lip and then between them, teasing out my hardening clitoris and swirling around it. Your lips form suction along my mound and I gasp a little and bite on a finger to prevent a cry of pleasure.

After a while my legs are too unsteady to bear me and I sit back on the edge of the chaise longue, easing you down with me and planting my feet wide as I press you in again and gasp at the sensations your mouth makes, the crinkling of my nipples forces me to draw my breasts out from the top of the dress and pinch them as you work below. You are well trained and know when to begin in earnest, licking, lapping, sucking and nibbling. Before too long I am forcing your face to my flaming pussy and grinding out my climax.

I keep you there for a while until I have regained my composure.

“Out” my voice feels dry and croaky, even to me.

You emerge, face flushed and sheened with my juices, your cock harder than ever. I give you a smile as reward and pick up the book again.

You assume the position as footstool once more.

“Now….where were we?”



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  1. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    She reads to him about the power of a woman…he is aroused… she gives him his cue to service her…she becomes aroused and satisfied… and then she returns to her reading


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